Who We Are

The mission of the Elisabeth R. Woods Foundation is to Raise awareness and support research on prevention, early detection and treatment for Lung Cancer. Support from the Elisabeth R. Woods Foundation will benefit Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This organization is making critical strides in the field of Lung Cancer research.

Why Support Lung Cancer Research

Due to the lack of funding on the government level it is so important now more than ever to raise awareness of the nation's leading cancer killer so that we can try and reach out to private donors and non- profit organizations.

Lung Cancer is the #1 cancer killer among men and women in the United States. Over 226,000 people are newly diagnosed with Lung Cancer each year and more than 160,000 patients will die from this devastating disease, more than colorectal, pancreatic, breast, and prostate cancers combined. The majority of people diagnosed with Lung Cancer have already quit smoking or have never smoked at all. At no time in history has the funding of research been more important.

There is nowhere in the world more prepared to do this work than Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This is why we are so proud to support the work of CSHL right here on Long Island. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is ranked number one in the world for impact of its research in molecular biology and genetics.

Your gift will help us to educate people all over the world about the seriousness of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Our goals will only be made possible through the generosity of caring and concerned people like you!

The Elisabeth R. Woods Foundation (ERWF) began with one woman’s extraordinary fight against Lung Cancer, and in less than a decade has established itself as the voice of Non-Small Cell Lung cancer.

Elisabeth Woods was just 63 years old, loving wife, mother of 4 children, grandmother to nine and loving sister when she heard the devastating news, you have Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. With grace and dignity she spent the next three months fighting for her life but never losing sight of the needs of others. Despite her own suffering, she was always more concerned for the well-being of her family and friends, and with finding a way to spare others the anguish and grief this disease had wrought upon her family.

As her family, it was our mission to carry out her wishes to move from Florida to New York to the best doctors and hospitals to fight her disease. She never gave up hope and was always very positive. Sadly, after 3 months, she lost her battle. She was diagnosed in May of 2000 and on September 8, 2000 Elisabeth R. Woods sadly passed away.

I, Elisabeth Woods Leonard have always had a vision and a passion to help bring awareness to the severity of Lung Cancer. After spending several years supporting Lung Cancer foundations I have made it my mission to research ways to more successfully fight Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, as well as to help educate people of all ages, family and friends.

On June 10, 2012 my three brothers and I launched the Elisabeth R. Woods Foundation at the Huntington Country Club with a dinner and guest speakers from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Uniting Against Lung Cancer.